The Building Block is a Sydney-based digital studio, set up and directed by Natacha Beaugeais.

With a meticulous attention to detail and passion for quality, I strive to create beautiful, functional, visually engaging experiences to make every project I take on stand apart from the rest, using the technologies that best suit the project's target market and requirements.

I work with companies and individuals that have specific web design and development needs, as well as partnering with branding, design, interactive and advertising agencies who may not have the necessary resources in-house to complete a project.

Projects include web design, website and database development, e-commerce, content management systems and maintenance, facebook, twitter & mobile applications, software applications, e-learning, multi-player games, cd-rom & dvd projects, kiosk applications, and projects involving audio and video.

My sites are built using both .net and PHP on Windows and Linux systems. My sites use open-source platforms and frameworks or can involve a custom build, depending on the client's preferences and requirements.

Please contact me for a full folio of work.

SHEEPISH LION / www.sheepishlion.com

LAUNCH / www.sheepishlion.com

THE CONCIERGE / www.theconciergesydney.com

LAUNCH / www.theconciergesydney.com

FUTURE CLASSIC / www.futureclassic.com.au

LAUNCH / www.futureclassic.com.au

INK PROJECT / www.inkproject.com

LAUNCH / www.inkproject.com

CREATIVE INNOVATION / www.creativeinnovation.net.au

LAUNCH / www.creativeinnovation.net.au

PAGES DIGITAL / www.pagesdigital.com

LAUNCH / www.pagesdigital.com

FUTURE CLASSIC DESIGN / www.futureclassicdesign.com.au

LAUNCH / www.futureclassicdesign.com.au

THE BENTLEY / www.thebentley.com.au

LAUNCH / www.thebentley.com.au

GOLDWELL AUSTRALIA / www.goldwell.com.au

LAUNCH / www.goldwell.com.au

CANNING STOCK ROUTE PROJECT / www.canningstockrouteproject.com

LAUNCH / www.canningstockrouteproject.com

PGS INTUITIVE / www.pgsintuitive.com

LAUNCH / www.pgsintuitive.com

GAAWAA MIYAY / www.gaawaamiyay.com

LAUNCH / www.gaawaamiyay.com

DOMINIK MERSCH GALLERY / www.dominikmerschgallery.com

LAUNCH / www.dominikmerschgallery.com

AMELIA PARK WINES / www.ameliaparkwines.com.au

LAUNCH / www.ameliaparkwines.com.au

COURTHOUSE GALLERY / www.courthousegallery.com.au

LAUNCH / www.courthousegallery.com.au